In order to ensure we build Adams Lake to the community we enjoy living in, we have developed some committees to assist in different areas.

Architectural/Landscaping Review Committee

  • An architectural control committee is established to develop, initiate and enforce a uniform plan for reviewing development and homeowner improvements within the HOA's boundaries. This committee also works with homeowners to ensure compliance. Common standards addressed by an architectural control committee include establishing an acceptable height and construction materials for private homeowner fencing, sheds and storage buildings, patio covers, gazebos and arbors, hammocks, swings and playground equipment, satellite dishes, seasonal decorations, storm doors and general construction.

Recommend and monitor landscaping improvements, changes and additions. Committee members also may be needed to approve homeowner plant additions and landscape designs.

Fining Committee

  • The Fining Committee is tasked as an impartial panel in the event where a finable violation has occurred. Before a fine can be levied on a Homeowner, the Homeowner has an opportunity for a hearing with the Fining Committee. The role of the committee is limited to determining whether to confirm or reject the fine levied by the Board.

Governance Committee

  • The Governance Committee is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of all documents that regulate owning and living at the Adams Lake Homeowners Association. These documents consist of the Adams Lake handbook, CC&Rs, Bylaws, and the Articles of Incorporation.

Neighborhood Watch

  • Neighborhood watch committees are tasked with increasing and maintaining community safety by connecting neighbors and keeping an eye out for newcomers and suspicious activities. Neighborhood watch members engage with local police and crime prevention units, post and maintain community neighborhood watch signs and work together to keep the community safe.

Event Committee

  • An Events Committee develops and organizes activities and events for members of the association. Organizing events shall include the overall logistical preparations are made to ensure all events correspond with current state law, HOA guidelines, and safety standards. Committee members help to keep the neighborhood clean, friendly and fun. Events can range from spring fairs and summer barbecues to fall block cleanups and winter holiday parties. Additionally, the Events Committee will support activities that involve youths and follow green initiatives/historic preservation.