Adams Lake Governing Documents

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Adams Lake homeowners have adopted restrictive covenants (also commonly called “CC&R’s”) applicable to all lots within the community in order to preserve and sustain the natural look and feel throughout.

Broad classifications of such requirements and restrictions contained in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions include the following:

  • Description of Home Owners Association
  • Description of Association Budget, Dues, Special Assessments, and Liens
  • Use of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions: Building, Materials, Clearing, Pruning, Landscaping, Fencing, Driveways, Animals, Commercial Use, Vehicle Storage, Garbage, Signs, View Preservation, Swimming Pools, etc.
  • Description of Common Areas, Tracts, and Easements

The bylaws govern how the HOA operates and contain the information needed to run the HOA as a business. For example, the bylaws cover matters such as:

  • how often the HOA holds meetings
  • how the meetings are conducted
  • the duties of the various offices of the board of directors
  • how many people are on the board, and
  • membership voting rights.